Beam Top Trestle Farm Table


A twist on our All Beam Reclaimed Farm Table, this version offers a beautiful trestle base made of the same stunning beams as the tabletop.

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Product Description

A twist on our All Beam Reclaimed Farm Table, this version offers a beautiful and sturdy trestle base to compliment the thick, rustic tabletop.

These beautiful tables really make a statement in any room and work with so many decor styles and color schemes. These farm tables are not only for the home, but also the office as they make great conference tables. With one of the thickest tabletops we offer (approx 2″ -2 1/4″), the tabletop is handcrafted entirely from salvaged beams from old barns and farmhouses in the Virginia mountains. The base is made with locally sourced Pine.

The story of this old wood is a part of history, whispers from the past and we want to ensure that the story continues. Each client will receive a brief history and professional photos of the structure where the wood was salvaged. Truly a one of a kind table with history! **Please note: When choosing a reclaimed wood table, please expect character in this beautiful wood. Original nail holes, saw marks, holes, burns, etc. are all part of this wood’s history.

Dimensions: Lengths range 5′-10′ and widths 37″-42″. All tables are 37″ high. Counter height tables available upon request. Tabletop thickness approx 2″- 2 1/4″.

Wood Species: Bases are made from Pine and tabletop is reclaimed wood, a variation of white oak, red oak, poplar and chestnut.

Colors: Choose to go with the natural wood tones of the aged wood or we can stain it a beautiful Dark Walnut stain for a rich, darker color. Either way, this table is a stunner!

Each table is one of a kind. Please expect variations.


The natural process of expansion and contraction occurring in wooden furniture is not new or exclusive to Floyd Rustic wooden pieces. Wood of all species is hygroscopic, meaning that it is subject to the humidity and temperature of its environment. All wood products will absorb and release moisture for a lifetime. To avoid cracks and splits in the wood or moving/warping boards, keep the indoor humidity levels between 35% and 45%. Suggestions – run a humidifier in the winder and an a/c or de-humidifier in the summer.Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight from windows or near other heat sources such as stoves, radiators, wood stoves, fireplaces, heat/air vents, etc. Never store furniture in an attic, basement or damp areas.

Cleaning and Care Guidelines 

Avoid dusting with a dry or old cloth as this may scratch finish. Clean up spills immediately. Avoid polish containing ammonia or silicon. Dust with a soft damp cloth by following the wood grain. Use soft cloth (100% cotton ideal) if your furnishings or tabletop get soiled, use mild dish soap and warm water to wipe clean and buff dry. Do not use ammonia, windex, pledge or any strong cleaners.

We also encourage you to check out The Kitchn’s article titled “5 Ways to Maintain A Wooden Table” – found here:


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