A Little bit About Us

and our beautiful county.

Our Story

Floyd Rustic’s story began with a farm table handcrafted with love.

In 2013, the DeLuzios were living in an old farmhouse in Virginia and Leah desperately wanted a farm table for their dining room. After countless hours of searching in stores and online for the perfect table, her excitement for the table dimmed. It was extremely difficult to find a high quality table at a price they could afford. The tables found were either the right price but poor quality or high quality but way out of their budget. On a mission to bring a smile to Leah’s face and in true *knight in shining armor fashion*, Derek promised Leah he would figure out how to build their dream table. Derek had a background in construction/painting and was generally adept, so after some research and acquiring the proper tools and materials, he built a beautiful farm table for their home.

Their table soon became the centerpiece of gatherings with family and friends and the DeLuzios really began to understand the importance of a table. A table is so much more than a place to eat….it is a place for community…a place to share life. Word also quickly spread of Derek’s craftsmanship.

Fast forward to 2014 –  the DeLuzios moved to good ole Floyd, Virginia where “running on Floyd time”, is a phrase often heard around town. It’s a way of life. Taking that moment to slow down and connect….with the Earth, with yourself, with family, with friends. In 2015, Floyd Rustic opened with the mission to create spaces for connection by handcrafting affordable, rustic furniture and decor. 


Affordable Handcrafted Rustic Furniture & Decor

Mountain Men

Great things are done when men and mountains meet.” – William Blake

Our furniture is handcrafted in the heart of the Appalachia by bearded mountain men – you can’t get much more rustic than that!

Meet Floyd!

Floyd the Turtle is our mascot. He is a laid back little handy man, with a knack for building. Floyd knows when it’s time to work and he gets the job done right, but he also know when it is time to chill and he does that well too. After all what’s country livin’ without a rocking chair – it won’t rock itself!

Floyd, Virginia

Floyd Rustic is located in the charming one-stoplight mountain town of Floyd, VA and we joyfully call it home. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains it is a vibrant rural community filled with artisans, musicians, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts and locally minded folks. They say, “Floyd is as much a state of mind as it is a destination.” (www.visitfloydva.com), and that is so true! Floyd is a beautifully unique community that inspires creativity and passion, which we infuse into each piece of furniture we create.

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